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Waris Pak

1. Dewa Sharief : Haji Waris Ali Shah was born in early nineteenth century in Dewa in a family of Hussaini Syeds. His genealogy traces origin from Hazrat Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad and martyr of Karbala, through 26 linkages in between. Some researchers have concluded his date of birth in the year 1809 A.D. His parents died when he was three years old and he was brought up by his grandmother. He was sent to maktab (preparatory school) at the age of five, where he learnt Quran by heart. Like all holy men, his biography has been embellished to look more holy than human.
He did not feed on his mother’s milk during daytime as an infant; neither did he take it on 10th of Moharram, the Yaum-e-Aashurah (the day Imam Husain, his relatives and friends were killed in Karbala, now in Iraq).
He seldom read his books but to the amazement of his tutor he could say his lessons correctly. He preferred solitude to books and often slipped away out of doors to spend long periods in retirement and contemplation. He was never seen playing with children of his age and took pleasure in giving them sweets and distributing money among the poor. It soon became evident to those around him that he was not quite of the earth.
When he was 11 years old, he pledged allegiance to his mentor and brother-in-law, Hazrat Khadim Ali Shah who made him his spiritual heir. At he age of fifteen he undertook a long journey of 12 years that took him to Saudi Arab (it wasn’t exactly ‘Saudi’ at that time but oh well), Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Rome, France, Belgium, Germany, and Russia. He traveled on foot and performed Hajj 10 times during the course of his journey. He also met Sultan Abdul Majid, the Ottoman ruler, while visiting Constantinople and was the guest of Prince Bismarck in Berlin. His followers claim that he was the first Sufi to actually visit Europe.
After returning from his sojourn, he resided in Dewa and preached the message of love till his death in 1905. Even today he continues to inspire millions of devotees who flock to his shrine every year. On any given day one would find as many Hindus and Sikhs if not more as Muslims visiting his shrine and seeking blessings. There is a majestic mosque and a Khaankaah (place for spritual salvation) near his shrine as well as shops selling souveneirs and sweets.
Waris kaa ko’ii waaris nahiiN
Waris Pia(ra) in his life visited Sarkar Shah Fazle Rehamn Gunjmurdabadi(ra) many times.

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He used to always say "Waris Ka koi Waris nahi".

Once when he visited Sarkar Shah Fazle Rehamn Gunjmurdabadi(ra) Shah Fazle Rehamn Gunjmurdabadi(ra) was having two sons
1) Shah Ahmed Miya Sahab (ra) and the second one was
2) Saidu Baba (ra) who was a mazoob by birth.( Mazoob are those who are directly connected to Allah.) Shah Fazle Rehamn Gunjmurdabadi (ra) use to always tell every one not to disturb Saidu Baba (ra) in anyways if any thing went wrong i am not responsible.

So when Waris Pia (ra) visited Shah Fazle Rehamn Gunjmurdabadi (ra) at that time the age of Saidu Baba(ra) was only 12 years he use to always sit outside the gate at the entrance of the masjid leading to the khanka of Shah Fazle Rehamn Gunjmurdabadi (ra). So when Waris Pia(ra) came to Gunjmuradabad sharif as he was entering the masjid he saw Saidu Baba (ra) sitting at the enterance so for respect he offeres salam to him on which saidu baba asked Waris Pia (ra) who are you on which Waris Pia(ra) I am Waris on hearing this Sadu Baba (ra) replied Allah Waris. After hearing this Waris Pia (ra) entered the masjid to meet Shah Fazle Rehman Gunjmurdabadi (ra). When they both meet Waris pia asked Shah Fazle Rehamn Gunjmurdabadi(ra) arey chachajan who ladka kaun hai jo bahar baitha hai on which Shah Fazle Rehamn Gunjmurdabadi (ra) replied arey us ne tujhse kuch keh to nahi diya on which waris pia (ra) narrated the whole story that happened outside. Shah Fazle Rehamn Gunjmurdabadi (ra) after hearing the whole thing told waris pia ki tum bahut nasib wale ho ki us bache ne tum se kaha ki Allah Waris agar wo kehdeta ki Tu kya waris Allah Waris to tum ne jo bhi aj tak paya ta ibadat karke sab khatam hojata. and from that day waris pia stoped saying Waris ka koi Waris nahi .

Sarkar Shah Fazle Rehamn Gunjmurdabadi (ra) has never been to Deva sharif instead Waris Pia (ra) use to come to him and use to call him chachajan.
The Family Connection
Apart from Faridan bibi, our family has had other connections with Haji saahab as well. Masih Uddin Ahmad, one of the London educated Bar-at-Law cousins of my great grandfather became ‘westernized’ in his outlook on his return from vilaayat. At my ancestral home in Ahmadpur he joked about Haji saahab and his mytical powers and then went to sleep. In the night he awoke shouting and told others that he saw Haji saahab standing next to his bed threatening to turn it over. At dawn the horse-cart was prepared and Masih Uddin Ahmad went to Dewa to become a disciple of Haji saahab. He willed to be buried at the footsteps of the shrine of Haji saahab and his grave is on the left side of the entrance to the shrine.

One of my aunts was married in a village near Dewa called Kheoli. All her in-laws are disciples of Haji saahab and he used to visit their home at Kheoli. My aunt tells me this story whenever I visit her home that during rainy days when Haji saahab came down to visit, he would walk on the wet ground and his feet never gathered mud.
Dewa Mela
It is one of the most popular and big gatherings in the city of Barabanki each year. Even though the Urs of Haji saahab is commemorated on 1st Safar every year, Dewa mela is organized at a fixed time period from 8th to 18th October of each year. The management of Dewa mela is handled by a trust whose chairman and secretary are the current District Magistrate and SDM of Barabanki respectively. The first chaadar on the shrine is always from the District Magistrate to kick start the mela. The mushaira and kavi sammelan organized during the Dewa mela have still maintained the standard and are one of the sought after events in the area. Some of the biggest poets have recited their verses at the Dewa mela. It also houses one of the biggest baazaars and villagers from far and near come for shopping goods and for an evening of entertainment.

Sayyad Makhdoom Ashraf rahmatullahi alaih, started their education at the age of 4 years, 4 months and 4 days. Allah, the most Sublime, blessed Sayyad Makhdoom Ashraf rahmatullahi alaih with immense ingenuity, intellect and knowledge. By the age of 7 they had already acquired and memorized the entire Qur'an al-kareem by heart with seven types of qirat, and excelled in the study of Qur'anic exegesis 'tafseer', narration and sciences of hadith, Islamic law 'fiqh' etc. At 14 years they had mastered all the subjects including theology and philosophy, maturing into the most accomplished and proficient scholar. Amongst their notable teachers were His Eminence Mawlana Imad al-Din Tabrezi, Imam Abd'ullah Yafai at Makkah Mukarramah, Baba Mufrah (s/o the great Najm 'al-Din Kubra) at Iskandaria and Mawlana Ahmad Haqqani ridwanallahi ta'ala aly'him ajma'een. Hadrat Makhdoom Ashraf (rahmatullahi alaih), had overwhelmed even the great scholars and theologians from as far as Baghdad with his remarkable talent which was recognized in the historic and famous Persian book Lata'if-e-Ashrafiya, in the following couplet;
' In this short time that i have stayed in the grave seventy thousand splendor (Tajally) of elegance of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, angels descended on this Fakir and intimate Muqaraban of Allah Subhanhu wa Ta'ala Angels showed so much exalting (izaz) and kindness that cannot be expressed in words. The announcer from the sublime court of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala -'Bargahe Elahi' announced in the world of Angels (Alam-e-Malakut) that "Ashraf is my beloved (Mahboob) I write kindness and forgiveness on the forehead of his disciples and show care to his disciples with absolution (Maghferat) and forgiveness (Mafee)". All praise to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala his glad tidings for our companions. After that it was the order of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala and eight thousand angels, thirty thousand of Haramain Shareef, one thousand from Bait al-Muqaddus, one thousand from Abdal of Maghrib (west), one thousand from Rejalud Ghaib of Sarndip, and one thousand Maradaneh Ghaib from Yemen will perform your bath. Your funeral prayer will be said in front of Baitullah Shareef and you will be buried in the earth for the benefit of slaves (Banda) ; he who comes on your grave will get his barkaat and maghferat.'
It is an accepted fact that the mystics of Islam have rendered valuable services to the cause of Islam in every period. The religious and literary services, done by Hadrat Sultan Sayyad Makhdoom Ashraf Semnani Rahmatullahi alayh are the golden chapter of the history of Islam in general, and history of tasawwuf in particularly. He lighted the candle of reformation and spirituality in the darkness of infidelity at Kicchocha Shareef and brought those astray on the right path.

It is narrated that twelve thousand non-believers accepted Islam having been impressed with Hadrat Makhdoom Ashraf Rahmatullahi alayh's purity of character and spirituality. Hadrat Nizami Yemani Rahmatullahi alayh in his book, 'Lataif-e-Ashrafi has written that wherever Hadrat Makhdoom Ashraf Rahmatullahi alayh went he delivered spiritual lectures in the dialect of that locality and wrote four books in the area dialect and left them with the locals to benefit from.

Construction of grave : It is interesting and amazing to say that he got his grave constructed in his life time. He laid the foundation stone of his grave and placed in its foundation stone from Mecca brought by Hazrat Ruknuddin Sair (R.A.) within minutes. He asked to make grave with brick and it should be as wide and high that he could say prayer standing Hazrat Jamshed Qualandar was engaged in its construction for twelve years . Hazrat Noorul Ain (R.A.), Hazrat Shaikh Mohammad Durre yatim and Hazrat Shaikh Marauf Addwmwi also participated. He used to visit grave daily. In his last time he passed whole day and night in the grave and wrote Resalae Quabria and Basharatul Moridin. He also predicted that he who would come to his grave, he would get his desire. The date of its construction can be calculated from " Arshe Akbar" 793.

URS DATE of this Dargah : Urs is celebrated on the 27TH of Moharam
3. Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Mia sahab(raz)

Hazrat makhdoom shah mina sahab(raz) belongs to the family of hazrat abu bakra siddique (raz). His father name was hazrat shaikh kutub(raz). He moved from delhi to jaunpur after residing some days In jaunpur he moved to dalmau.but due to bad conditions of wealth he moved finally to lucknow.after comming to lucknow he directly meet haji harmain sahab(raz) whose mazar sharif is in medical college lucknow.

Both of them had a great relationship and in few days the become vey good friends. One day haji harmain sahab(raz). Told kutub sahab (raz) to get marry and told him that from him a boy will born whose name will be added to hazrat haji harmain sahab(raz) and one day he will make our silsila very proud. Hazrat shaikh kutub(raz) got married very soon and the time came when hazrat makhdoom shah mina sahab(raz) was born as told by Hazrat makhdoom shah mina sahab(raz) was born in lucknow in 800 hijri 1397.

Haji harmain sahab(raz) told her wife that the boy who will take birth at hazrat shaikh kutub(raz) will be feed by her milk.on hearing this her wife told that there is no milk remaining in her as she had become old. On whichHaji harmain sahab(raz) told her wife that when boy will be born allah will by his grace give her the milk to feed the boy and when hazrat makhdoom shah mina sahab(raz) was born there was enoungh milk to feed the new born Hazrat makhdoom shah mina sahab(raz). Haji harmain sahab(raz) wife use to tell that whenever she was without "wazu" Shah mina sahab(raz) use to not drink milk.
His qutubiyat was disclosed by dada zinda shah madar(raz) of makhanpur sharrif to one of his murred who use to visit him often taking the request and the problems of people of lucknow . One day when he the murred of dada zinda shah madar(raz) told him about the problems of the people of lucknow dada zinda shah madar(raz) told his murred that the wilayat of lucknow has been given to shah mina sahab(raz) on which the murred in enquired that who is shah mina sahab(raz). Dada zinda shah mada(raz) then replied that he is 12 year boy and what he look liked and told his mureed that from today onwards all the problems and request will be adressed to shah mina sahab(raz) from that day his fame spread all over lucknow and people from all over the place and relogion use to come to visit him for solving their problems and shah mina sahab(raz) use to solve the problem with great love and kindness.
Khilafat : hazrat makhdoom shah mina sahab(raz) was the mureed and khalifa of hazrat makhdoom shaikh sarang sahab(raz). The mazar sharif of hazrat makhdoom shaikh sarang sahab(raz) is at mazgawan sharif near barabanki. Shaikh sarang sahab(raz) was the murred of hazrat haji harmain sahab(raz). Shah mina sahab(raz) use to walk bare foot from lucknow to mazgawan sharif to meet hi pir sahab. He belongs to the chistiya and shorwardi silsila. Shah mina sahab(raz) was very parhez gar and muttaki. In the night of cold winters when ever he used to feel asleep he used to put cold water on himself completely making him and his cloth wet so that he cant sleep due to the wetness and can worship allah. Some times he used to sit on stones and when he felt very tired he used sleep on that stones making him unable to sleep. He used to spent whole nights worshipping allah and fasting many days. In this way by killing his nafs and the inner evil desire he got the real divine light of allah and his beloved prophet(s.a.w.s). Miracles : in his life shah mina sahab(raz) has shown many miracles from which i am mentioning a few. 1) hazrat shah mina sahab(raz) khanka was very old and was made up of wood and mud one day due to heavy rain the khanka came down killing the people sitting in the khanka On seeing this hazrat shah mina sahab(raz) told his khadims To remove the people burried inside the fallen khanka and to put each of them people in the water filled in the pot hole near the plant of khajoor (date). As soon as the people were submurged in the water they became alive surpising the surrounding people and the time came when all the people were alive leaving one. 2) once hazrat shah mina sahab(raz) student hazrat makhdoom shaikh saud khairabadi(raz) was fallen very ill And was not getting well. He tried all the medicine but the medicine were unable to cure him. One day he told one guy to go to his pir sahab and tell him about the problem shaikh saud khairabadi(raz) was going through. The guy went and told the whole thing to hazrat shah mina sahab(raz) at that time hazrat shah mina sahab(raz) was busy preparing food for hazrat chiragh dhelvi(raz) urs-e-mubarak from somwhere a roti dipped in ghee and sugar came to the bargah of hazrat shah mina sahab(raz). He gave the roti to that man and told him to give the roti to hazrat shaikh saud khairabadi(raz) and tell him to eat the whole roti not leaving any the guy gave the roti to hazrat shaikh saud khairabadi(raz) and hazrat shaikh saud khairabadi(raz) Ate the whole roti as told by his pir sahab after eating the roti hazrat shaikh saud khairabadi(raz) felt asllep and when he got up he was in full health. At the time of the demice of hazrat makhdoom shah mina sahab(raz) he use to mainly stay in his hujra as he was severly fallen ill and for six months he not spoked with any one and after six months his condition became very critical and finally he took the pardah (died) 23 safar 884 hijri 1479. At the time of his demice his age was 84 years. The urs e pak of hazrat makhdoom shah mina sahab(raz) is celebrated with great joy and love and it starts from 22 safar and remins till 25 safar. He had two khalifa : 1) Hazrat makhdoom shaikh saududdin khairabadi(raz) 2) Hazrat shaikh kutubuddin(raz)

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